TxMQ is an enterprise consulting and solutions company in the United States and Canada, which has entered into a strategic partnership with Quantum Light and with our parent company Helios Energia Ltd in order to implement and market together a new generation of Blockchain solutions that are reliable and easy to deploy. TxMQ Inc is a United States and Canada based IT Services Solution provider with unique coding expertise and a long-established Enterprise client-base.

TxMQ is also an IBM Business Partner focused on large mid-market and enterprise customers with an experienced team of engineering and development experts in IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Red Hat, AWS, Hyper-Ledger, Swirlds / Hedera and other corporate software environments. TxMQ has extensive knowledge of the needs and challenges of large-scale Enterprise software development. It can respond to client requirements for innovative Enterprise Grade solutions that leverage disruptive technologies like Blockchain-Distributed Ledgers, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

“Secure Blockchain Connect” (SBC) is our first application developed together with TxMQ for Private Equity Portfolio Managers. SBC uses our unique architecture and will be implementing in the future our cyber security technology to deliver the first hardened new architecture for blockchain financial trading platforms for the Financial Markets, in this case for Real Estate Portfolio Managers like SK Estates & Finance in the United Kingdom:

Key factors preventing the adoption of Blockchain include:

  • System “fragility” of large-scale legacy software in enterprise environments
  • Skills gap and talent scarcity for cryptographic and multi-platform expertise
  • High complexity severely limits usability, scaling, and throughput
  • Blockchain platforms lack transparent enterprise-grade tools for developers
  • Poor product interoperability and lack of standards for implementation

AVIATOR by TxMQ empowers Clients to deploy Blockchain:

  • Enables developers to use the tools and languages they already know
  • Provides software components to integrate with existing enterprise IT assets
  • Easy enterprise IT in managing, monitoring & scaling DLT networks
  • Leverage TxMQ Managed Services model of 24/7 skills and capabilities


Current Problems and Limitations to Adoption of Blockchain

Though blockchain holds great promise, today’s blockchain technology offerings are nascent and immature. We believe that it is crucial to experiment and explore with Clients and be willing to deliver sophisitcated Proof-of-Concept bespoke trials. Often the technology is offered as a solution in search of a problem. To ensure a successful blockchain project, Clients must be guided to identify the highest value business problem at hand in order to deliver a custom blockchain solution, and that requires experience.

Technology leaders are intrigued by the capabilities of blockchain, but they are unclear exactly where business value can be achieved in the enterprise context. Blockchain technologies promise new economic, business, social and technological models that can pervasively impact business and society. Enterprise architecture and technology innovation leaders must understand the implications to exploit this disruptive, but immature, technology.

Blockchain is developing quickly, but significant business challenges and technology gaps remain before widespread use cases and ways to generate value emerge. CIOs are under pressure to guide decisions on if and how they should implement blockchain but struggle with how to apply this technology to meet new business challenges.

We are in the first phase of blockchain use and in what Garnter calls the “irrational exuberance” phase. There is significant experimentation with blockchain across every industry around the world. Corporations that have long relied on centralized systems for control and security are being pushed to accept the concept of decentralization and distributed control that is central to blockchain. However, 66% of respondents of a recent Gartner survey believe blockchain is a business disruption and have set budgets accordingly.

Over the next decade, experts estimate the blockchain market will grow to over $150 billion. Blockchains are already carrying billions of dollars in value and are poised to carry much more in the coming years. Depending on who you talk to, blockchain seems like the perfect technology: secure, open, flexible, because blockchain produces a tamper-evident cryptographic record that can include time and identity information. It’s a potentially useful tool for transactions between businesses and Aviator architecture is designed to deliver such Blockchain value to the market place.