Maxwell Centre’s Impulse Program

Impulse Program for Tech Innovators
Maxwell Centre – Cavendish Laboratory, Cambridge University

“Chance encounters make amazing ideas possible”

Quantum Light and Helios Energia are proud Alumns of the 2018 program. The Impulse Entrepreneurship Programme at the Maxwell Centre serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurship in individuals and organisations. Impulse is an exciting opportunity of collaborations for innovators and entrepreneurs from a variety of disciplines, industries and countries who are passionate in helping a new generation of science and tech entrepreneurs succeed.

The programme is targeted to tech innovators across different fields of Physical Sciences and Technology, including Life Sciences. Through Impulse, the participants will get the opportunity to develop commercialisation strategies for their novel ideas and receive additional follow-up mentoring and master classes. They receive expert advice and mentoring from successful entrepreneurs, innovators and investors, and benefit from networking with over 80 contributors from the Cambridge entrepreneurial community and Maxwell Centre’s industry partners. Develop high-potential business cases Provide expert-mentoring Relevance to individual projects Learn directly from 80+ entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and industry experts Intense but time-limited, steep learning-curve experience.

The programme is comprised of two intensive residential modules and individual assignments in-between over a period of three months. Both mentoring and regular clinics (one-to-one discussions with business professionals) happen over three months.

Maxwell Program Overview Video

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